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Some common questions we can help answer...

How does email work?

What is SMS and Texting?

How can I get my photos off my camera or phone and share them?

What else can my phone do other than make calls?

How do I record my favourite TV show?

How can I listen to music on my devices?

How can I do online banking, sell or buy on eBay?

You will be learning how to:

Connect with your grandchildren anywhere in the world

How to save, view, edit and print documents

Surf the web with ease

Installing your printer, fax, scanner and web cameras

Personal satisfaction in developing new skills

Gain confidence in using new, exciting technology

Create and manage an email account

Update your system software and hardware

How to troubleshoot simple computer problems

Learning how to use devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras

Installing and using Anti-Virus software

And much more…

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