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Modern technology is a wonderful tool

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In ancient days, man developed simple tools from sticks and stones to help them in their lives. More recently, as part of the industrial revolution, we developed the first machines to produce many goods that were necessary for everyday life. Today, we are firmly in the midst of a new era – the information age, where computers, phones and audio / visual appliances can keep us in touch with the world. There is a new gap developing in our society- those who have access to information, and those who don’t.

Technology is a wonderful tool in the form of computers, tablets and iPads that can be used by individuals and organisations in ways that seem revolutionary. Think of the potential in your own life.

Today’s personal computers are infinitely more powerful than those used to put the men on the moon in the 1960′s.

Retail stores now use RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) in individual garments to monitor and control stock. Stocktaking is no longer a long and laborious process of counting individual garments. All the store manager now needs to do is to wave an electronic reader over the stock so that they can count the entire stock in the store.

A platoon commander in Iraq will use his / her portable computer to download an image of the terrain in front of his / her unit and then plan a tactical approach. The pictures come from an unmanned aircraft that is being flown remotely from a command centre thousands of kilometres away in the US.

When you travel overseas, today’s Australian passports contain biometric data that enables a computer to recognise you through your facial features This saves all the time of having to go through the traditional, and very slow, immigration process.

Many vending machines have their own telephone number. These machines will automatically call a supplier to let them know when they need to be refilled.

It is easily possible for an individual to hold video conversations for free with friends and relations in distant locations with freely a available software program called Skype.

Rolls Royce have enabled a communications device in jet aircraft engines so they can remotely diagnose performance problems from their technical centre in the UK while the plane is flying anywhere in the world.

You can now, not only book a plane flight on-line, you can also reserve a specific seat. That’s why people who check in at the airport find themselves left with the worst seats.The best ones are already gone.

Mobile phone manufacturers are the biggest makers of digital cameras. There are now more digital cameras manufactured every year by companies such as Nokia and Apple, than the mainstream camera manufacturers such as Sony, Canon, Nikon and Pentax.