How to Copy and Paste a Link or URL

The URL or link (address) of the web page may be picked, highlighted, and copied in your clipboard from your address with bar. After you copy it, you could paste it into every other application or record (an electronic mail, as an instance). For extra strategies of copying or sharing a URL, continue reading.

Copying an Url or Link Using a Keyboard and Mouse

Highlight the address by shifting your mouse cursor on the address bar and clicking the left mouse button or press the f6 keyboard shortcut to go to the address bar.
After the address is highlighted, press ctrl+c or cmd+c on the keyboard to copy it. You can additionally right-click any highlighted section and choose Copy from the drop-down menu.
Once the address is copied, paste that address into some other program by clicking a blank field and pressing ctrl+v or cmd+v. You can also right-click on any highlighted segment and select paste from the drop-down menu.

Copying a Link or Url on a Mobile Device

Open your mobile Internet browser.
Find the page link you would want to copy.
Hit the address bar once to highlight all the lines included in it.
Long press the highlighted writing also choose Copy.
On mobile, the logo for the copying line seems like two same parts of the paper.
Start the application wherever you would want to paste the link.
Long press once again and choose Paste.

Copying a Video Link on Website and App

At the laptop and mobile, you click on the share icon that resembles the share icon shown in the picture. After you click on the shared link, more to the social networking presents, the URL of the video that can be copied and pasted everywhere.

Copying an Image Inside a Page

To copy the address inside the page link or photo, right-click on the link or image and select copy link with or copy image from the drop-down menu that looks. As an alternative, customers may additionally user can view the properties of the link and copy the URL from inside that menu.