8 Ways technology is transforming the aged care experience

In the digital area, technology plays a very important role. From back-end tasks to customer care, computerised arrangements and technology are familiar with facilitating administration conveyance. Right now, tech intercessions have ended up being the most significant. Looking after ongoing up-grading inside Australia’s quickest developing sector, we look at various ways in which new technology is rapidly taking the position.
The Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of things helps people with living and work faster just like their lives. It does not work only for smart devices to the development of automated homes; it is also useful for business. IoT gives a real-time look into that business how the company’s system works. It gives every detail of the system right from machine performance to logistic operation and supply chain management.
Phone applications: nowadays, nearly everyone has a Smartphone on which everything is at their fingertips. This 5the generation technology is all over the world and now we are looking towards 6thgeneration technology. Mobile applications are so handy. Many medical applications are available which allows us to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, medication schedule and much more.
Robotic assistance: Is developing day by day and robotic are more functional. Robots are everywhere right from restaurants to big industries. Robotics is a rapidly developing technology. In just a few years industrial robots will be a very common factor. Robotics has created a big change in the manufacturing industry and now we are looking at up-grading in the robotics industry.

Wearables: Wearables are electronic devices that can be comfortably worn on the body. These wearable devices are used to track information in real-time. They have motion sensors that collect every bit of information such as your smartwatch receiving phone calls, tracking heart rate, footsteps and monitoring pulse rate It also shows your location so that you can be easily found.
Smart medication: nowadays, smart pills and smart medication holders are technically updated so that you just need to add your medicines, connect with the smartphone and update the medication schedule in the application so that the application will alert you to take medication to ensure no missed doses.
3D printed food: 3D printed food is another important and useful innovation in the aged care sector. Many seniors face issues like chewing, swallowing and digesting food.3D printed food is the solution to the problem. This food is pureed making it easy to eat thus ensuring no adverse effects.
Floor Sensors: this innovation is useful for many people who are busy in their work-life but also for r loved ones such as children or older relatives. Floor Sensors can easily be installed to track movement and alert families in an emergency. This ensures that they receive emergency assistance as soon as possible. Many homes, schools, hospitals, and aged care facilities have installed these sensors.
Patches/implants: In the digital area, digital patches are another trending innovation in the industry. They allow the patients, senior’s and doctors to monitor vital signs with minimal pain and discomfort. For patients who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, these patches allow them to wave a transmitter their body which indicates variations in blood glucose levels. This assists the medical staff and carers to monitor and administer appropriate treatments needed. This will help seniors by reducing time-consuming, painful and invasive procedures.