What is Lumin - a tablet for senoirs

Lumin A Tablet for Senior Citizens

Senior citizens did not grow up in a technological world so they have special needs and considerations to live a life that most of us take for granted. Sending a photo to are loved one or answering an email from a government Institutions has many elderly in a spin. This has many looking to learn and explore new ways to bridge the gap of their technophobia. In 2020 many organisation have stepped forward to provide tablets for seniors to help them learn new technologies and connect them with the outside world.

Silver surf is an established computer training and support business and help the seniors to become familiar with PC, Apple, and Tablet Computers, iPad, Mobile Phones, Kindle and other readers, Digital TV and the latest technology. With the launching of their product named “Lumin”, the life of senior citizens will be simplified.
Lumin is just perfect for tech-shy older loved one. They don’t have to worry about breaking things or doing something wrong.
About Lumin Bright: Right choice for the loved ones who may be at risk of isolation and loneliness.

Lumin is unlike any tablet. Lumin Bright is a 17-inch freestanding simplified touch screen, delivered set up and ready to go.
i. Get emergency alerts when in distress
ii. Receive and respond to voice, text, or photo message
iii. Never forget your loved one’s birthday and meaningful events
iv. Be in touch through photo- sharing
v. Can reach to loved ones with one-touch audio calls
vi. Delight your loved ones with video calls
About Lumin One Touch: Perfect solution for the loved ones with Alzheimer’s or dementia
Designed in collaboration with carers, experts and researchers, Lumin One Touch is delightfully simple to use and helps those with Alzheimer’s or dementia retain memory of loved ones and bring back memories to life.
i. Easy to use phone
ii. Shared Calendar
iii. Concierge
iv. Weather
v. Message made easy
vi. Medication Reminders
vii. Thrive
viii. Radio & News
ix. Help & Support

With these tablets for seniors, learning of this new gadget will help the seniors to connect them with the loved ones online. Handling the device on their own will also help them build confidence and provide knowledge in this world of technology.
Our team of technology instructors will help the senior members to gain high level of independence and coming to terms with the modern digital world. It will make their living independently easier and safer.