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What is Instagram?

What is Instagram? Instagram is a free photo sharing app. You might recognize it by the signature look of images taken and shared with it – they’re square, and they often look like old (you remember) Polaroids – that’s because the app includes a set of easy to use Polaroid-like filters. You can access Instagram through your computer for viewing pictures, although it was designed to be used with a mobile device – a tablet or smartphone. As an app, you can use Instagram to snap a photo, add an artistic-looking filter, then share that photo to your list of
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Some tips and tricks when using Google

Blog FEATURE ARTICLE Some tips and tricks when using Google Amazing tips and tricks for using Google Everyone uses Google yet few know just how powerful and convenient it can be. Check out these little-known tips and tricks to make your online search that much easier. 1. Search for an exact word or phrase Putting your search terms in double quotation marks will only bring up searches for those words or phrases. It’s a great option to search quotes or song lyrics. For example “Imagine all the people” 2. Exclude certain words from a search Add a dash or minus
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Facebook notifications

Facebook notifications Any time a friend or Facebook application creates a new post you’ll be notified in the notification section. Clicking this icon will show all recent notifications. If you wish to change what is capable of sending you notifications including any Facebook applications or games click the See All Notifications link at the bottom and check or uncheck what you want to be notified on.
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Virus Protection and Spyware

Blog FEATURE ARTICLE Virus Protection and Spyware Computer security has become a hot topic for many consumers. There are new viruses and programs being released everyday, which can infect your computer and cause your system to crash. However, many people are not aware of the multitude of spyware available. Spyware is created to take over your computer, or intercept and transmit personal information from your computer. Spyware such as adware can enter a computer by clicking links in emails from unknown senders, included with shareware, or visiting sites with “popups”. The adware will then transmit annoying advertisements to the infected
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Clean Out Your Email

Blog FEATURE ARTICLE Clean Out Your Email Every month or so, purge your email of junk mail or special offers or emails you will never need again. Empty the trash folder yourself, as sometimes emails you meant to delete get hung up in there for an extended period of time. This can cause your computer to run much more slowly if there are a ton of emails stored up.
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Gmail Tricks You May Not Know About

Blog FEATURE ARTICLE Gmail Tricks You May Not Know About They’ve become such a part of our everyday life that people sometimes underestimate how complicated email accounts actually are. Gmail is like an iceberg, and if you’re only using it to send and receive you’ve barely scratched the surface. This expert’s guide contains seven tips and tricks every Gmail user should be on top of, so you can make the most of your email account. 1. How to check if someone’s been reading your emails Here’s a handy one for anyone who’s had a sneaking suspicion someone has been in
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Increasing Browser Sizes

Blog FEATURE ARTICLE Increasing Browser Sizes Modern web browsers work with the keyboard shortcuts for enlarging the contents of a page for easier viewing — just press the Control key and the plus key (+) on Windows to zoom in, or Command and the plus key on a Mac. Press Control/Command and the minus key (-) to zoom out, or Control/Command and zero (0) to return to the standard size. These shortcuts affect total page, however, and if you just want to make the text larger and leave the pictures and other graphics at their normal size, some browsers include
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How Not To Keep Your Windows Desktop Organized

Blog FEATURE ARTICLE How Not To Keep Your Windows Desktop Organized When you first buy your computer or when you first installed Windows, your desktop will have very few icons. But like most users, you quickly fill it up with both useful icons and junk. After a short period, it becomes a challenge to find what you want, useful or not. That is the time you need to organize your Windows desktop. You could “spring clean” your Windows desktop by moving unused icons and documents into either the Recycle Bin or into a new folder. Or you could do a
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