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Our clients are our family, so we offer well-organized personlised learning with flexibility so that you learn at your own pace and convenience.

Basic computer classes for seniors or beginners in the comfort of your home

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Computer Training for Seniors- Our aim is to help you in a patient and personal way to gain a higher level of independence coming to terms with the modern digital world.

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Having been involved in Computer Training for Seniors from a very young age and witnessing the advancement of technology through those years, I realized that its adoption has been extremely difficult for the seniors and people over 50 years of age. One of the major concerns that I felt was the lack of service providers who would assist them in a well-organized and personalized learning process. With this belief, I started SilverSurf in 2007 and my primary goal was to support the seniors in learning the basic use of technology. We listen and understand your wishes as everyone learns at their own pace and convenience.


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