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What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo sharing app. You might recognize it by the signature look of images taken and shared with it – they’re square, and they often look like old (you remember) Polaroids – that’s because the app includes a set of easy to use Polaroid-like filters.

You can access Instagram through your computer for viewing pictures, although it was designed to be used with a mobile device – a tablet or smartphone. As an app, you can use Instagram to snap a photo, add an artistic-looking filter, then share that photo to your list of everyone who follows you. Or you can simply use it to look at other people’s pictures. You can also interact with photos by liking them or leaving comments, just as you would on Facebook.

Following other people is an integral part of using the app like many social networking apps . Part of the fun of Instagram is seeing everyone’s photos – so if you’re not following anyone, using the app could become boring.

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